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Hello my name is 2rockis2live. I'm new to elowel. I found this 'cause I thought I made up the word elowel and wanted to use it for a website. Apparently it's taken. :( But that's cool, I'll use elowel to post.....stuff.....just not a journal. I'll probably use my elowel blog to post stuff.....I don't know what though, yet. Stories, Poems, Lyrics, Pictures, Links. Aidekay. (Lol.)

Avatar zanna
12-31-08 12:16
gibts keine hier
Welcome! Bummer about not being the first. =( Although this is a pretty cool blogging community, if I do say so myself. ;)
Avatar swift
12-31-08 12:52
a sum of his things
we do show up if you google how to be a pimp or something like that

max, what was that search term that was awesome D:
Avatar catchfishwithhan
12-31-08 14:49
A Day In The Life
ya! woo! party!
Avatar yourworstenemy *
12-31-08 15:01
Your Best Friend
Avatar schelly
12-31-08 17:50
Warrior Princess
Woo! Glad to have you here :-) Check out our "lyric" blog, too - that's our communal favorite song blog, anyone can post to it. And there's anon if you have secrets to post. You'll discover it soon enough... and it's entertaining to go back and read, albeit a bit forehead-slap inducing.

Besides that, welcome, have fun, post often, and el-ow-el.
Avatar effika
01-01-09 11:09
Prodigal Elowel User
Welcome to elowel!
Avatar fraz
01-01-09 14:24
Welcome welcome!
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